Black Tomato, Dallas and Fort Worth

With a personality that epitomises the entire state of Texas, Dallas is a fast paced, energetic, and cosmopolitan city that imbibes the good times. A main stop-over hub for many international flights passing through to the west coast, Dallas is the perfect starting point for a Texan adventure.

Due to its impressive wealth, the city has developed a vibrant and forward-thinking art and design scene that could rival the likes of NYC. Look beyond the lofty sky-scrapers and you’ll find pockets of bohemia just waiting to be explored.

Fort Worth has blossomed into a city of fine art, theatre and music. However the essence of Fort Worth, once affectionately called ‘Cowtown’, still lies within its strong western roots. The only city to employ real cowboys and utilise a cattle drive twice daily, strolling Fort Worth’s streets you will no doubt be transferred back to the western films of your childhood, but this time in colour.

Dallas Specific Packages

You’ve heard of Dallas, right? JR Ewing and Sue Ellen are synonymous with our image of this city and the ‘Big D’ certainly lives up to the flashy ideas we have.

Something Different
Gleaming glass and steel office towers soar overhead in downtown Dallas and it’s a highly image-conscious city, with an up-scale dining scene, some major league American Football with the Cowboys and some excellent shopping.
Seeking adventure
Home to the major league American football team, the Dallas Cowboys why to watch a game as part of your trip.
Sightseeing ideas
Looking for something more cultural? Well this is of course the site of the famous grassy knoll where JFK was assassinated, or you can even head out of town and visit Southfork itself!
Getting around
Given the distances, travelling by car is all but necessary in Texas, with public transport proving impractical in a state of this size. With such big distances, petrol prices have historically always been lower than the national average. If you are travelling between cities, flying can save time and is relatively cheap. | 0344 557 4321

Totally at odds with the clichés of the well-known television series, there's a lot more to Dallas than oil, Stetsons and Larry Hagman. Dallas is an ultra-modern city with a population of over 1.2million that covers an area of some 343 square kilometres, plenty of space to fit in a wealth of attractions that include fascinating historical sights, galleries and museums, amusement parks, world-class shops and restaurants as well as an abundance of parks, lakes and gardens.

Visit the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, better known as the Texas School Book Depository, the scene of the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963. This interesting museum takes a detailed look at the life, death and legacy of America's most famous President and is well worth a visit.

For visitors interested in culture and the arts, dance, live music and theatre can be found at venues throughout the city and there are regular exhibitions, performances and festivals throughout the year. The Dallas Art District is a superb 68-acre arts centre featuring museums, restaurants and concert halls which is helping to push Dallas to the forefront of the American arts scene. | 020 7590 0622

What makes Dallas special? 5 reasons to visit

1. It's Dallas.
Expect a Texas-size welcome when you arrive on your flights to Dallas. Everything's big in the Big D: the hair, the hats and the steaks!
2. It's rich.
What else would you expect from the home town of JR Ewing? Fat wallets and fatter egos abound so don't be shy!
3. It's food.
Think fine dining meets American portions. That's right. Your flights to Dallas will get you to the tables of some stunning restaurants. Bring an appetite.
4. It's shopping.
These guys are world-class shoppers. With more stores per capita than any other US city, you won't be running out of things to buy.
5. It's Texas.
Get out of the city for a day. Make like a rancher - grab a Stetson, a steed and some stubble. Call us today to book your flights to Dallas from many UK airports. Don't forget to check out the price of our business class flights too. They could be a lot less than you think. We can also help with hotels, car hire and a host of extras. | 0330 100 2220

Famed throughout the world during the 1980s as an oil tycoon’s playground where ten gallon hats, big shoulder pads and even bigger hair were just part of the scenery, the TV show ‘Dallas’ certainly rings true – albeit now with a slightly less outlandish sense of dress.

Whilst traditional industries oil and cotton are still important to the city, Dallas is also a very modern city and a major centre for finance and technology. What better place to experience the American South? In keeping with the city’s status as North Texas’ cultural hub, the city of Dallas is home to countless entertainment and arts venues offering everything from experimental one man shows to grand musical productions.

Nowadays, those seeking culture and entertainment make their way the city’s Arts District in Downtown which boasts several venues, galleries and museums - the largest and newest of which is the AT&T Performing Arts Centre. Incorporating the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House, the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre, City Performance Hall and Annette Strauss Square for outdoor performances, the AT&T is brought together as an enormous urban park by the Elaine D. and Charles A. Sammons Park – the most significant recreational space in the urban area, and a perfect place for people spotting.

Fort Worth Specific Packages

Ride out along the trails and learn about the cowboy way of life on a Texan ranch.

Taste the state's culinary speciality, the Texas barbecue.

Visit San Antonio's famous Alamo, a shrine of Texan independence.

Enjoy live music at its best in the state capital, Austin.

Sample cowboy culture at Fort Worth's historic Stockyards district. | 01993 838 755

Desperate to see a cowboy? Take a trip to Fort Worth where the cowboy culture and way of life is alive and well with the cattle trade still a major industry here.

Not to be missed: The cowboy culture and way of life is alive and well in Fort Worth with the cattle trade still a major industry here, so why not experience it first hand at one of our ranches.

Something different: If you go on a Friday or Saturday night you can catch a rodeo with ropin’and ridin’ before going honky-tonkin’ at Billy Bob’s, the country music club.

Seeking adventure: Great for the sports enthusiasts, NASCAR, Indycar, American Football, major league baseball and golf all feature heavily.

Sightseeing ideas: To see a working old west ranch head to the Fort Worth Stockyards, where you can pick up your very own Stetson and spurred boots. | 0344 557 4321

Combine cowboys and the Old West with vibrant cities and the spectacular scenery of Big Bend National Park on this Texan odyssey.


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Known and loved for its distinctive Wild West flavour, Fort Worth is still a treasure trove of all things cowboy. Don your best cowboy boots and head down to the legendary Stockyards National Historic District where there are regular cattle drives, rodeos, and of course lashings of live country music. Luckily there are also a fair few saloons dotted about serving cold beers and enormous slabs of steak. The following day take the time to explore the Fort Worth Cultural District – stopping in at The Kimble Art Museum for a peak into their fantastic modern art gallery, before heading off in search of cowboy-themed gifts from one of the many shops. On your second night in Fort Worth we’d recommend trying out some Mexican cuisine at Cantina Laredo before stopping in at Bar 9 for great drinks and live DJ sets. | +44 207 426 9888 | 646-558-3644